Exclusive Ibiza Style brand new apartments in Tarifa

Exclusive Ibiza Style brand new apartments in Tarifa

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Exclusive Ibiza style brand new apartments in Tarifa

The Tarifa Bay residential complex combines comfort for your pleasure and relaxation within an open and different natural environment.
The different setting combinations of open and closed spaces of your choice make this location a place with multiple possibilities and options in various aspects.
The apartments have a sunny terrace with a stylish pergola to enjoy the sun and the pleasant sea breeze of Tarifa.
Always surrounded by nature in a private setting or in the company of whom you prefer.
Our intention has been to design an exclusive and personalized living environment;
Undoubtedly, we are talking about the most attractive, luminous and best-located apartments on the coast of Tarifa. For this reason, the design and location of these apartments are designed for a privileged lifestyle, within a coastal scenery surrounded by nature.
The exterior of the apartments provides large garden areas and other aesthetic features. The equipping of the communal areas has stone fountains and small seats; The whole area includes trees, such as olive and orange trees, among other types which go hand in hand with the vegetation of the region.
The exterior walls of the homes are made of stone from the area and the floors are made of slate.Two and three bedroom units.
Walking distance to the quaint city centre and to the city beach.
Tarifa is one of the most picturesque towns and heaven to the surfers community.

Prices starting from 248.300€ (prices not inclusive of garage, storage or local TAX)


Although these details are thought to be materially correct, Vistamar Homes cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form part of any contract. All prices exclude purchasing costs.

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