Designer finca in Puerto de Ojen, with huge rural plot.

Designer finca in Puerto de Ojen, with huge rural plot.

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Contemporary designer villa in Puerto de Ojen, a unique construction in itself that enjoys incredible views of the sea and mountains, part of a rural farm of 39,800m, in a protected environment of Nature, future Sierra de las Nieves National Park, a natural paradise of fruity dawn and much more.
At 10 km from Marbella, towards the Sierra eNieves and at 650m of altitude, is this house designed as a home and studio by the artist Jaime Garcia.
With an area of ​​174m plus a terrace of 60m, built on two levels, this house in the country is considered a theoretical exercise in essential architecture. A cube is the main element in which the interior spaces are generated by the insertion of a symmetrical piece that organizes the uses around a central hole, leaving the living areas and bedrooms to the south and north and to the east and west the infrastructures and equipments. The main symmetry is broken with the prism that is mixed with the main cube on its western façade where the study is located.
Between Sierra Blanca and the Costa del Sol, this farm is located 10km from the center of Marbella with an area of ​​39,807m2.
this unique villa has lots of potential, it has been studied to the detail and a forth bedroom can be created along with a summer living room and a frontal pool overlooking the hills.
In this farm we find a unique house in its design of 200m2 composed of a central module and modern design warehouses with a robust construction, underfloor heating with 360º views of the sea and the mountains.
The farm has its own legal drinking water well, electricity and the source of the river, with a plantation of trees in production, all with drip irrigation.
It also has an auxiliary wooden construction of 12m2 as a warehouse for agricultural tasks.
We found 130 cherry trees, 3 apricots, 50 olive trees, 7 almond trees, 8 fig trees, 10 avocados, 3 pear trees, 4 kunkuat, 6 orange trees, 5 mandarins, 5 plums, 3 quinces, 2 peach trees, 50 vines among others in addition to elms, cork oaks, short trees and stone pines and other types of native Mediterranean vegetation.
It has a farm of 90 hives in operation.
The production of cherries reaches 400 kg and oil 200 l.
This is the perfect project for a country lover, it can be easily made into a rural hotel with glamping and wooden house or similar structures, or simply living in the main house and enjoying the production the great variety of fruit trees, fresh honey and much more.
A country heaven at only 10 minutes drive from the busy life.


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