Contemporary Designer Villas in Sierra Blanca Marbella

Contemporary Designer Villas in Sierra Blanca Marbella

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Contemporary Designer Villas in Sierra Blanca Marbella

Le BLANC On a privileged site with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, Le Blanc is a dream come true. Just above Marbella’s world famous Golden Mile and situated at the foot of the hills that bear its name, Sierra Blanca is one of the most exclusive residential areas of both the Costa del Sol and the whole of Europe.

In a world where privacy, discretion and an efficient service seem to be at odds with each other, at Le Blanc they are a reality. Here, wishes come true almost before they are made; whether through beautiful panoramic views, a private garden or the privilege of an incredible swimming pool, you will enter a world of unparalleled, meticulous customer care.

Just imagine living in a luxurious property without needing to leave its pool and garden complex. You can sip your favorite beverage in your deck chair, take in the striking views of Sierra Blanca behind you and take part in the community’s social life. A way to relax and feel young again benefiting from high-quality facilities and attractive surroundings.

The breathtaking views from the terrace are a unique asset to the Le Blanc experience that is carefully enhanced by the layout of the living rooms. They are the true heart of the house, waiting to be filled with life and joy.

The purpose behind the design of the living rooms in Le Blanc was to make them unique and filled with character. The large glass surface area and the extensive terrace guarantee the entry of sunlight all year round and the open-concept, inter-connecting spaces integrate the garden into the living room itself. In the interior, the meticulous layout focuses on enhancing home life, providing an extensive area for different types of activities. After seeing everything Le Blanc has to offer, you won’t be able to imagine being anywhere else.

The villa terraces are spacious, green and offer complete privacy. The main terrace is connected with the living room by a large glass door that can be easily pulled aside to enlarge the entertainment space. When you’re ready to relax, kick back on chaise lounges and enjoy the stunning views.Sometimes luxury has nothing to do with space or materials, not even with design.

There are certain things that we associate with a traditional kitchen: a love of pleasure and the desire for a simpler life. Le Blanc kitchens are iconic and eye-catching, in harmony with its owner’s lifestyle and the architecture surrounding them, featuring sophisticated materials and high-end, functional appliances.Sierra Blanca is a place to become reacquainted with yourself, a location that rekindles the spirit and activates a true sense of wellbeing. Let your curiosity lead you to explore everything this special corner of Spain has to offer, both in the vicinity of the villas and in the city of Marbella. Relax and enjoy these spacious, fabulously designed homes.

It is on the top floor where you can enjoy the best views of the sea, the mountains and the countryside surrounding Marbella. This solarium echoes Le Blanc’s philosophy: a property is not only a meeting place, it is a dynamic, all-embracing space for everyone.

4 and 5 bedroom semidetached villas, underground parking for 3 or more cars, sea views, option to have an outdoor kitchen and private elevator.

Estimated delivery date summer 2021

Prices starting from 1,550,000€







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