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Alec Darragh, Dublin

Alec Darragh is Vistamar Homes ‘Man on the Ground’ in Ireland. Despite coming from a background in IT he is familiar with property and is well known for the award winning home he built for himself in Dublin
Here is what he has to say about Vistamar Homes:
‘Because of the climate most people in Ireland dream about owning a home in the sun. They are put off by the daunting task of locating the correct property in the right location and then having to deal with a legal system they are not familiar with. This is where Vistamar Homes can help.
We do not see clients as just ‘customers’, we spend time talking to and getting to know our clients. There is no ‘hard sell’ we want to build a relationship so as we can provide the perfect solution to their requirements. When the client finally has their ‘dream home’ we will still make ourselves available to provide any other advice or assistance they may require to ensure they get the maximum value from their investment’

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